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WCW Mayhem Codes

WCW Mayhem Codes

All Wrestlers: Enter the following as a PPV code: PLYHDNGYS

Play as Sonny Onoo: You must first win the TV TITLE as Ernest Miller in the "Quest for The Best Mode".

All backstage rooms: Enter CBCKRMS as a PPV password to unlock all the hidden rooms. To fight in the rooms during a one-on-one match, run to the entrance. You and your opponent should start jogging towards the back. Note: You can choose which room you want to fight in from the match options of the match setup screen.

The backstage rooms include:

Identical wrestlers: Enter DPLGNGRS as a PPV password. You and your opponent may control identical wrestlers in versus mode.

Super created wrestlers: Enter MKSPRCWS as a PPV password. Created wrestlers may have their attributes set to full.

Quest For The Best mode: Enter CHT4DBST as a PPV password to unlock "Quest For The Best" mode.

Bobby Blaze: Defeat Bobby Blaze in "Quest For The Best" mode to unlock him as a playable wrestler.

Bobby Eaton: Defeat Bobby Eaton in "Quest For The Best" (Cruserweight) mode to unlock him as a playable wrestler.

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker: Defeat Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker in "Quest For The Best" mode to unlock him as a playable wrestler.

Chris Jericho: Play in all thirteen backstage areas during "Quest For The Best" mode.

All Secret Wrestlers: At the PPV password screen enter MKSPRCWS

Classic TNT Nitro Set: At the PPV screen enter PLYNTRCLSC. Then at the ring selection screen choose the "Nitro"ring.

Halloween Havoc PPV Code: At the PPV screen enter td^pKRmZ-

Bring Weapon into Ring: Walk up to the ring apron and then tap L2 and then quikly tap square

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Thunder PPV Code: Enter PLYHDNGYS as a PPV password on the top line. Press X, then enter MSKDLTLRY as a PPV password on the middle line. A new PPV called Thursday Thunder will be unlocked. Matches include a DDP, Sting, DDP (he appears twice), and Goldberg in a four-way bout, K-Dogg vs. two other wrestlers in a three-way dance, Ernest Miller vs. Bobby Eaton, and more.

Masked Rey Mysterio Jr.: At the PPV screen enter MSKDLTLRY.

Transform Billy Kidman: At the PPV screen enter NGGDYNLN.
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Move up in Rank: Enter CHT4DBST as a PPV password. Press RIGHT in " Quest for the Best" mode to move up in rank.

Stamina Meter: Enter PRNTSTMN as a PPV password.

Momentum Meter: Enter PRNTMMNTM as PPV password.

Flush Em: In the bathroom backstage area, Irish Whip an opponent into a urinal to trigger the sound of it flushing. To perform the Irish Whip, press Square to grapple with an opponent. While grappling press the D-Pad + R1.

WCW Mayhem PPV Code: Enter yKh#J$=JQLmFs as a PPV password. Note: This code is longer than the top line. Press Right after entering the "Q" to advance to the next line. The Mayhem PPV matches include: Kidman vs. Total Package, Scott Hall vs. Chris Benoit, Buff Bagwell vs. Curt Hennig, and Sting vs. Bret Hart.

Small Wrestlers: To have small wrestlers enter MKALLWRSTLRSMGTS as a PPV password.

If you have any codes that are not up please send them to me and I will give you credit.

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