News, Gossip, and Rumours

By Bruce Sosa

WCW LIVE! is broadcasting live this week from the NITRO Grill. The show will air at it's normal time each day from 8-10pm ET/5-7pm PT, except Wednesday when the show airs one hour before and one hour after Thunder.

The Maestro will celebrate his birthday at the NITRO Grill on Wednesday during the one hour Thunder pre-show of WCW Live!

Jeff Jarrett continues to feel the effects of a head injury suffered two weeks ago during his NITRO cage match against Jimmy Snuka. Jarrett says he continues to have headaches and dizzy spells, and will be seeing his doctor later this week to see how much longer he will be out of action.

David Flair has moved to Atlanta and is looking forward to spending time in the Power Plant trying to improve his wrestling skills.

Goldberg will be taking part in weekend festivities surrounding the Super Bowl. Goldberg will be the guest of the NFL and will make appearances at several Super Bowl related events this weekend.